• labelWhat is all included in the membership price?

    One event a month including childcare at Big Sky Imaginarium!  Events include dinner, two drink tickets per person and/or event/activity depending on the venue.  All costs associate with the event are included.  If a membership including children is selected, childcare at Big Sky Imaginarium is included.  Big Sky Imaginarium will do a fun craft, game, movie and activity and provide a home cooked dinner.  There will also be added discount days where a discount is offered to members when they show their GoUnite key tag.

  • labelWhat age children does Big Sky Imaginarium provide childcare for? What documents are required for kids to attend the daycare?

    Kids ages 6 weeks through 12 years old can partake in fun play date at Big Sky Imaginarium.  Members must provide immunization records for each child and sign the daycare documents.

  • labelWhat is the cancellation policy?

    Members can cancel at any time, and their cancellation will go into effect on their next billing date.

  • labelWhen are credit cards charged for the monthly dues?

    Credit cards are automatically charged every 30 days from the time you sign up.

  • labelHow early before events can kids be dropped off at Big Sky Imaginarium? How late after the event can they be picked up?

    Kids can be dropped off a half hour before events and must be picked up within a half hour of events ending.

  • labelIf I am going to miss an event, can I let a friend take my place?

    Absolutely! We just ask you let us know ahead of time and provide their name.  There is an area within the member login portal where you can provide this information.  Big Sky Imaginarium can also watch friends’ kids, just have them bring along immunization records.

  • labelCan someone else be given permission to pick up my kids from the daycare after the event?

    Yes, just provide this information to Big Sky Imaginarium when you drop off your kiddos.

  • labelIf I have kids, but prefer to use my own babysitters which membership should I purchase?

    If you have kids but will not utilize the included daycare, simply purchase the Single or Couple Membership option instead of the Single with Kids or Couple with Kids option.