Be Social. Live Local.


In the virtual world we live in, it has become so easy to stay home and simply “connect” with people via social media, order dinner for delivery from a website, and watch that new movie that just showed up on Netflix. We all fall into this comfort zone where it’s easier to stay home, then plan a night out, find childcare, coordinate the date with friends and branch out and try something new. That’s where GoUnite comes in, we take the guess work out of it! Stop just saying “we should try the new local restaurant in town” or “we/I need more date nights and nights out with friends”, GoUnite is here to make it happen.

GoUnite is passionate about bringing people together to support the local culture of Billings, while growing a stronger, more close-knit community. So, let’s “unplug” for two evenings a month and reconnect with old friends, make new ones, support our local business owners, and give back to our community. Be Social. Live Local.